• Matters needing attention when connecting mesh belt conveyor

    2020-08-24 1145

      Mesh belt conveyor has been widely used in various industries of transportation, it from the body to the conveyor belt and then to the conveyor accessories are all metal materials, so its ultra-high performance can be imagined, then we should do the correct docking in the mesh belt conveyor docking, to ensure its ultra-high performance fully play

      There are three points that should be paid attention to when the mesh belt conveyor is connected: first, correct the docking of the machine body, and then weld or tighten the bolts after confirming the horizontal and vertical; second, the rail connection. The flatness of the rail connection point is the key point to determine the levelness and noise of the mesh belt conveyor surface, which should be firm and free of bumps; third, the leveling of the foundation of the whole machine, after the docking of the whole machine, each anchor should be adjusted one by one, Make sure that the anchor of the net belt conveyor is firmly contacted with the ground.


      The length of mesh belt conveyor is generally between 3 m and 10 m. with the extension of automatic production line, the mesh belt conveyor in many environments will also be lengthened. Most of the conveyors with the length of more than 10 m are fabricated in sections and then connected and installed. In the mesh belt conveyor docking must pay attention to the above points, in order to ensure the normal use of mesh belt conveyor.

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