• Selection method of pulley diameter of belt conveyor

    2020-08-24 1162

      The belt conveyor is a kind of continuous conveying equipment, which takes the conveyor belt as the traction and bearing component, and carries out the material transportation through the movement of the belt carrying the material, Belt conveyor is a kind of conveyor, which is widely used. The belt conveyor can form a complex assembly line with other conveying equipment. In the design of belt conveyor, the selection of drum is very important. The main index of selecting drum is the diameter of drum. The use of large diameter roller is beneficial to the use of conveyor belt. However, when the diameter of the drum increases, the mass of the driving drum, the reduction ratio of the driving device reducer, the mass and size of the reducer need to be increased correspondingly. The selection of drum diameter mainly considers the following factors.

      1. The larger or average specific pressure between the conveyor belt and the roller surface.

      2. The amount of plastic coating and deformation.


      3. The utilization rate of the allowable strength of the conveyor belt (i.e. the percentage of the ratio of the greater tension of the conveyor belt to the allowable tension of the conveyor belt).

      4. The frequency of belt bending (related to the way of winding, the number of rollers bypassed, the distance and speed).

      5. Installation location and service conditions of conveyor (e.g. ground, underground, open air, mobile, fixed, etc.)

      6. The bending stress of the conveyor belt when it passes the drum.

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